visions and dreaming of a Toltec Nagual

The Flyers mind

The Flyers mind is the edge of darkness, the emergence of doubt, the edge of the camp fire light somewhere beyond the circle of the known, where the light protrudes into the darkness.

The Flyer’s Mind is the thing which pins us to the spot. It is the barrier of perception. It is our self-pity, our indulgence, our self-importance. It keeps us in the place of not knowing.

Human form is the illusion, everything which flows forth from human form is as a result of our self-reflection. All rules everything which inhibits or restricts our true nature is an aspect of human form. Once we enter the kingdom of the unknown, the forces we experience there for an instant seem somehow malevolent or benign, but this duality is born of our flyers mind, the thing that brings us back to reason.

There is a thread which runs through our lives. As we emerge into the world from the place of spirit, this link with intent is stretched and strained. We become a reflection of our surroundings; imprinted, embedded, indoctrinated and bound. We learn reason and rationality and everything is separated and divided. The magical world we experienced in our childhood ~ is now gone. We are instead taught to get to grips with that which is known…

The flyers mind is our fear, our continued connection with this known reality, a harking back to a place which may have never existed in the first place – a reliance and reluctance to be free from human form – from the illusion of ourselves – the misguided belief that we are indeed in possession of all the facts…

If we brace ourselves and set out into the darkness, the barriers of our perception; that which ties us to the world, are automatically broken down.

Venturing into the unknown we become aware there are realms even beyond the capability of our understanding, this leaves us with nothing left to cling to, not even our humanity. In the world of energy there is no right or wrong, dark or light, there is only energy – everything an expression of its polar opposite/counterpart.

The flyer mind, our predator is not something to be feared or reviled, the trickster is simply a reflection of our mind. The worthy opponent is our unflinching adversary and our only true guide.

4 responses

  1. jos

    quite impeccable and sustainable to judgement..although colleagues..silence. love to you


    02/07/2013 at 05:32

  2. Hi, after reading this amazing post i am also cheerful to share
    my know-how here with colleagues.


    23/09/2013 at 04:37

  3. On this topic, it is very easy to confuse the positive aspects of reason with the negative aspects of self absorption because they both terminate near the one way bridge of concern. However it is from pure reason, unencumbered by the justifications of self-importance/pity, that one is able to traverse the bridge of Pure Understanding back to Silent Knowledge. The pettiness of man is only a symptom of the parasites influence, as it prods us around with fear to attack and defend against our fellow inmates in the insane asylum of society. True reason is a mark of leadership, clarity and sobriety – much needed qualities on the Toltec path – and are even sought after characteristics in the so called “normal” world. It is true that reason has its limitations, but it does act as a shield against the full onslaught of the unknown, which can very easily kill us, and, it can help us conserve and cultivate the energy and sobriety we need to face the unknown in a empowered state of awe instead of a terminal sate of fear.


    29/01/2014 at 11:27

  4. Toltec Warrior

    Bravo! Well said @SimpeSeer….but then the only way to break free from their mesmerizing grasp is to love the very intent that they purpose with. True Reason is born of knowing ones true self And thus freedom


    10/08/2018 at 05:19

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