Living helter-skelter

“All I can say to you is that a warrior is never available; never is he standing in the road waiting to be clobbered. Thus he cuts to a minimum his chances of the unforeseen. What you call accidents are, most of the time, very easy to avoid, except for fools who are living helter-skelter.”

~ Don Juan Matus

3 thoughts on “Living helter-skelter

  1. My guru says the same thing a little differently: “To become a zero is to become a hero.” Our true nature is only limited by the countless physical, emotional and mental goods that we carry. We get blockaded on account of those goods. A spiritual warrior becomes a zero, lets go of all the baggage, and is set free to become a true hero.

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  2. Kilaya we are simply luminous beings whether we know it or not…..


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