The Spot

Carlos Castaneda’s books have conquered the world. Fifty years after the publication of his first book, “The Teachings of Don Juan”, his work is still being translated into other languages, and continues to be found on the shelves of bookstores around the world.. Many of us have dreamed of seeing his story on the big screen. In due time, such a film could turn into a classic of world cinema. However, time passed, and it seemed that these hopes were not destined to come true. Therefore, we decided to take the situation into our own hands – to create the film that millions of fans around the world have been waiting for all these years. “The Spot“ is the first episode of the animation series based on Carlos Castaneda books made by fans. The first episode is equal to the 1-st chapter of the “The teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui Way of Knowledge” book about a challenge given by Don Juan to Carlos to find the spot, a special place where a man can feel good, strong and at peace. –

  • Film by Yaro A Lex
  • Music by Terry Oldfield, Igor Lazarev
  • Cast: Navi Besmoli, Sergio Adolini
  • Voice Actors: Mitch Bellow, Roy Mccrerey
  • Associate producers: Akdeniz Lita, Djihan Julian Osario

More info:

All info from YouTube

2 thoughts on “The Spot

  1. You are very welcome! I look forward to the next installment of this excellent dramatization.


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