A Golden age

Once there was a uniting global system of unity, I am sure. Before a great cataclysmic event that put an end to peace and stability on this planet and plunged the world into darkness… war and destruction
I am convinced there was a Golden age of peace and prosperity, where there was once a worship of (A) one Sun God/father “Bae Algan” a respect for Mother Earth and a reverence for both the spirit and the ancestors….

This unifying system of the age, was presided over by “Shamanism” – the birth of religion, an animistic belief, so strong that it knitted the people together in unity, and guided the peoples of the earth…. All the temple complexes were connected by belief….all the buildings were inspired by the same drive and intent and motivation, creating a community of social bonding

I saw these things many years ago – My life was interrupted by these events….

I saw a civilisation using water as a technology as modern man uses Electricity… They were using artesian wells, aqua flows, viaducts all types of irrigation ditches made from simple materials but which suggested great advancement… This vision lasted over the course of several days possibly a week, where I was shown these things as belonging specifically to a past civilisation…

The indigenous people of today bear witness to this reality – they live still in this peaceful condition, without technology to assist them – yet living blissfully and in happiness…
How is this achievable???
because they are cut off from the rest of civilization; for them, the golden age continues, except perhaps now, we have crossed an event horizon of sorts and perhaps the last of these Amazon dwellers are now discovered….

I try not to look upon the current approaching apocalypse; but rather to the golden age which follows….

As with all earthly systems; the power of the world moves in circles – what once was known is now forgotten and yet knowledge will re-emerge to be discovered anew, fresh to the minds of the people and we will be reunited as one!

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