The Eternal Now!

A funny thing about time…. How about everything is happening right now; everything exists simultaneously….Past Present and future… everything is happening in a congruence of a confluence of an aggregation…creating the moment we perceive….and every time… it goes round …it takes a different route…. Would explain a lot ?? ~ Toltec Warrior

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Being inaccessible

“Therein lies the secret of great hunters. To be available and unavailable at the precise turn of the road. You must learn to become deliberately available and unavailable. As your life goes now, you are unwittingly available at all times. To be unavailable does not mean to hide or to be secretive but to be […]

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A warrior’s hesitation

A warrior hesitates by means of strategic necessity ~ knowing that he must retain his awareness through sobriety and detachment – in order to regain his balance and to determine his direction ~ a warrior considers the path with heart… ~ Toltec Warrior

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