The Eternal Now!

A funny thing about time….

How about everything is happening right now; everything exists simultaneously….Past Present and future… everything is happening in a congruence of a confluence of an aggregation…creating the moment we perceive….and every time… it goes round …it takes a different route….

Would explain a lot ??

~ Toltec Warrior

6 thoughts on “The Eternal Now!

  1. For some reason, time was lost, flew away with my comment 😂 I think it happened due to logging in after pressing the button “post comment”.
    Here it is:
    Thank you for an interesting subject, in times of changing perception, as I perceive it.

    Isn’t the experience of timelessness fun? As much fun as pondering the circle with you in the center, imagining time is all around you, past present and future?

    Think for a moment, how the sound of your voice, on that spot, reaches the entire circle. Or the clap of your hands. A bit mysterious.

    How I see the function of 3D linear time counting, is the ability to reflect, memorize, discover motive, dreams to come true, cause and effect, so that my experiences in life may bear the fruit of wisdom, grown from free will.

    Isn’t that prophecy of Dec 21 2012 “The end of time as we know it” the Mayan fruit of wisdom? When we move through the Photon belt,(that’s a scientific fact) and receive new energy, igniting our sleeping DNA, it’ll change our perception of time.

    With an experience of non-linear time, in fits and spurts, with a confused linear thinking left brain, and a right brain that heaves a sigh of relief, secure on the journey home 🌻

    I do notice peoples’ remarks about change in their experience of time. To me, it makes sense, circular or spiralling motion of time.

    When I created the Tzolkin count in 3D and studied sacred geometry, our double spiralling DNA, I envisioned our soul journey moving through a coil, following the spiralling motion.

    Every round brings us in the same location as the former round, only a level higher. Or lower? And thus our presence is in sync with a changing point of view, or perception, as long as we move consciously.
    For an all-seeing eye, outside the theatre of our human pandemonium, we are the changers and the changed both at the same time.
    That’s a comfort in moments of “saving the world on my own”.
    A sobering thought, holding cosmic humour in its folds at the same time. Isn’t that a beautiful relativity theory?


  2. From my point of view time has characteristics or better to call them features. I believe time is a spiral which wends it’s way through space; the two entwined in a circling eternal embrace. From creation thru to destruction, the winding of the fabric of space and time, the dying is only another beginning, another Big Bang, beginning and ending simultaneously…..
    So in a spiral thread unlike a circle there are points of coming together points of closeness – as it bends and contorts, so that we might experience the feeling of another time, or journey on the loop, making jumps, as what is perceived is the fabric becoming thinnest. And never does time and space take the same route, rather randomly it takes a different choice in an eternal number of options


  3. I see what you mean, Toltec Warrior. I read your description of time as if it’s a thing, a presence.
    So far, and I’m eager to learn, in my views and way of reasoning, time is a concept rather than a thing or presence. Nevertheless, exchanging our views and ways of perception stimulates pondering the meaning or nature of time.

    Your mentioning of the eternal cycle of birth and decay, creation and destruction seems to be, to my inner eyes, part of the laws of creation, beginning with the 5 elements Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, the most wellknown ones, with the element of Ether, which the Greek culture observed or described as the 5th element, and ending with the material forms we see around us today. On a planet where evolution can be witnessed in the presence of physical, visible, form. When we hold the opinion that there are other planets, galaxies and living conditions, different from those on planet Earth, the question “What is time?” changes depending on who’s asking, see what I mean?

    In that physical world, the perception of evolution, growth, or development, seems to be a necessity in sync with the consciousness present in it. For the time being, although it’s changing now I believe, our human consciousness lives with a limitation, including parts of our DNA snoring in blissful ignorance. And so, conditions on planet Earth, as you and I experience, give us the satisfaction of our sensual perception. The world around us confirms what we believe, and what we’ve defined, concluded.
    Like the two sides of one hand.

    In my logic, when time is perceived by conscious beings, in different ways, either by human beings who are locked into a linear perception of past, present and future experience, which, to me, serves a purpose on planet Earth in 3D living conditions, or by those present in higher dimensional, higher vibrational levels, labelled 5D and higher in numbers, who look different from us when observed with human eyes, the descriptions of both beings will be different. That’s where “Who’s asking?” comes in.

    I believe that when density of matter is heavy, visible to human eyes, that our influence on it, can’t happen in a jiffy, when we’re part of that density in our consiciousness as well. Here it is again… “Who’s asking?”. I recall my frustration as a small child, expecting that I just needed to snap my fingers and… voila… manifestation of my wish was immediate. I recall pulling my hair so hard, in anger, that I had tears in my eyes. I’m glad I learned a thing or two, and that Earthly conditions in my present life are just a tiny part of the ocean of my life, my existence as a soul, in a physical body now. 😍


  4. Time is a concept, the ancient seers of Mexico, categorized time as something like a thought; a thought, thought by something unimaginably large, while space they viewed as an abstract realm of activity. Perceiving the abstract as they did, they arrived at a third concept that they called the wheel of time, perhaps that’s what I am trying to describe, as space and time are intrinsically linked and perhaps this – which I determine to be conscious as everything else in this animistic universe as well as conscious awareness and energy, which emanates from what they also described as the Eagle.


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