The magical thread

There is a Magical thread that runs through our lives, a list of magical events – you know, all the moments which have seemed strange, wonderful, or weird…A chronology of happenings that are noted in our perception. Everybody has them!

Often these events come into our storytelling or they sit at the back of the minds gathering dust…And this thread – this magical thread is the thing that seemingly is just out of reach – forgotten and never attained.
What does all this mean? If only we could grab hold of this thread, then perhaps our mundane world might seem a little less ordinary?

However, the thing we need in order to grasp this magical thread is energy…there is no way around it…It is like a rope that spans our moment of time, a continuum from birth to death, always waiting for us to remember. Only by reaching beyond the bounds of what we thought possible, does it become possible to attain.

I found it in dreaming once…And flew on the wings of perception! ~ Toltec Warrior

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