The Toltec Tollbooth

“My will controls the folly of my life –
And there is nothing I can do to change the folly of my life”

~ Toltec Warrior

2 thoughts on “The Toltec Tollbooth

  1. Thank you for a powerful post, Toltec Warrior! That’s the formula of the human condition, isn’t it? How to say it in a few words, marvellous! When this is lived, and not just a mental concept in the mind, it secures humbleness firmly onto our free will expressions. And it will help us to prevent landing into quagmires of expectation, entitlement and false hopes, turning a blind eye to imperfection in an arrogance that IS a folly.

    I’ve got several notes in my 5 pocketbooks with Carlos Castaneda’s journals. One of them comes to mind, when I read your post. From “The fire from within” page 185 Don Juan speaking on the subject of stalking:
    “Don’t demean the mystery of man in you, by feeling sorry for yourself or by trying to rationalize it. Demean the stupidity of man in you by understanding it. But don’t apologize for it either; both are needed”.

    Such wisdom treasures, in Castaneda’s work, merging with a practical approach to organize one’s life, and living conditions.. Living in a screen was unheard of, at that time. Alas, we’re making use of it for better or for worse, isn’t it?

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