The crate

I had not dreamed lucidly for sometime; in fact my dreaming had been scant for a while. I was in an unusual place to sleep – but a place where i had slept before but not many times. I fell quickly asleep, but had a distinct awareness of myself falling into that sleep. The scene where i became lucid, was a small room. It reminded me of the basic hut where i had done Ayahuasca, two years earlier; but there was no real indication, of what might be beyond this room. I was not alone; there seemed to be many other people similarly unfamiliar to the room. Someone was clearly leading what was going on, but what was going on i could not make out.

I remember at one point talking with my brother – the implication of which meant – in dreaming that my assemblage point was taken to a different location, for a specific time creating this new temporary scene. The purpose of this meeting seemed some sort of unfinished business. This was somewhat resolved and then i returned to the original scene, i had found myself in.

The lucidity was vague at this point – the mysts of mind and perception were lifting slowly and i was focusing and taking on the implications of what was going on gradually. I remember having a convseration or at least hearing some people excitedly talking, but couldn’t really make out their meaning or purpose – i did however think that these women were travellers. The most astounding thing about this part of the dream was that my auditory functions where enhanced; taking on a deeper significance than it had ever done before in dreaming. I woke up!

I was then alone in the room that i had gone to sleep in. I made a coffee unworried that i would be unable to go back to sleep and also had something to eat. I thought how lucid the dream had been especially in an auditory way. I climbed back into bed and took the customary dreaming position – i had found myself in when i woke up – to enhance my chances of going back into this dream or something like it.

I was quickly asleep and not unsurprised i was lucid dreaming again. However what did astonish me was that i was somewhere still in the location and in the same room. This place also reminded me of a school, but surely this country was in the developing world. With low breezeblock walls and possibly a flat roof – it seemed to be a centre of some sort. I remember lunging into the room – And i was explaining to the people gathered there ‘just what the inorganic beings where like’. It was not a nice description. I was talking; annotating my mimiciking of the gait of an inorganic being – low sloping movement with a slight wabbled from side to side….. I was about to go on to describe how they also leap and just how worthless they were, but something stopped me. The women in the dream had indeed been travelling and seemed to be backpacking around the countryside. They were in fits of hysterics at my antics – but i sensed something or someone disapproved. I felt myself taken aside. I was now starting at two men who at first i looked at and thought they were very similar – then i thought, “no you’re brothers” – and i shared it with. When i looked harder, i realised they were not only brothers but twins, and again i told them my findings. Looking at them then, and he seemed to become a duplicate of himself or perhaps it was one man infact. From that moment i was turned and was staring right into the face of a tall man, balding and with grey hair at the side and obvoiusly from his look, a Mexican. He showed me where i was; how low the low walls were of the place where we stood. I was in a corral in the Mexican desert stretching out beyond; a chaparral. I looked at him deeply. I looked into his eyes which were ‘kind’ and i realised he was assisting me. I looked and the words “Nestor” came upon my mouth. He looked puzzled. I then said, Don Genaro? and his puzzlment at least acknowledged my words.

From there he explained to me so very kindly that “Everything has puspose” – even the most wretched has a divine purpose to fullfil in this life and nothing should be sneared at. Even the most wicked devil, bound for the certainties of hell – should be at least looked upon with some pity, but what’s more this is respect. I felt admonished, but gently so. He had explained to me a very deep point i thought and i realised he was a sorcerer. It had been done kindly without pointing out my partcular slip in trying to impress the rest of the travellers. He whipped me off, then saying, i know what you need.

I was placed in the middle of the courtyard – on my knees bent overwith my elbows tucked in. Reed hoops where placed over my head, in descending size – so as to cover me to the shoulders with just my head exposed. At this moment i felt a plate being slide into place behind me; then a plate to the right against a frame that seemed to be covering me – then a plate to the left was put into place leaving just the front and top exposed. Quickly a roof was added – these plates were red and made of rusty sheet metal with rudimentary handles. I was then looking out of this enclosed space from the front – i realised just how snug the fit and then as soon as i had done, the final plate was introduced forming a crate around me, in which i was encased. I could hear the shreiks from the female travellers but i felt completely calm. I understood what this was. I realised this was a principle of sorcery – namely a warrior burys himself for enlightenment. And this was likely a similar crate or the very same one that Don Juan used on Castaneda.

Again, at that moment – I woke up!

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5 thoughts on “The crate

  1. Very pleased to hear something new from you. Have wondered where you have been, in consciousness, that is. I dream of portals recently and detours. I could use a crate myself. (from another nagual who fell off the grid for a while)

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  2. Hello, Jane (Ms Redrock)….. The nagual is endless and always provides new vistas and scenes for us to explore. if only we have sufficient personal power, impeccability, and the guts then these new experiences present no issue

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  3. Yes, life is a wonderment, but death the stalker has been louder lately, prompting me onward into the vastness of earth, of creation itself. Increasing old age has something to do with it, as well.

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  4. Thank you, Toltec Warrior, for an experience with many symbolic aspects to it, very well written and inspiring. I’m not dreaming consciously, but I do know I’m learning at night, going far… far away, at times. Once upon a time, I received the advice to intentionally stay close to planet Earth, during sleep, in order to not walk around feeling like an alien, not belonging when triggered, by day.
    Lately, I’ve begun to ponder and explore the meaning of past, present and future. Since so many are now confronted with a present time that doesn’t call forth much enthusiasm, many are consciously thinking about what the future may bring, and also, what future they would dream of, joined by intention and attention, as a creator. Bringing all that into the future that is chosen, as a co-operative effort as well, with other human beings.
    And since that seeking and reflecting is intensifying, many teachers and messengers come forward and present a method that leaves the past to the past, and creates a future that isn’t a repetition of that past. Out of habitual behaviour, a repetition of what one is used to. Same job, same collegues, same friends, same entertainment, same walk to the same shop, or pub, or church, etc. A repetition of what’s in the past, due to leaving out try outs of something new.
    The interesting aspect in human society, now, with a prevalent view on what achievement is: going forward, preferably fast forward, while doing this, this, and that… with an end result that is arrived at by much doing, using rational determination and explanations, accompanied by… entitlement… all ingredients of the adage… “time is money”, where feeling good is equal to achieving results for profit, expressed in money and power, that aspect ignores (or denies) a resolution to observe oneself while in the present moment, moving from moment to moment, noticing that the repetition of doing things in that habitual pattern will only repeat the past, more of the ingredients of that past, without change. Evolution is missing, see? I believe it’s the reason why satisfaction and contentment are missing in many who take part in the slavery of working for an income. Creativity is on the back burner, see?
    In my years of training at a School for Intuitive and Creative Development, the bottom line was self-healing, and learning to welcome truth as a friend, which implies self-reflection. The Art of Standing Still. What I’m trying to point at, is the value of being in the present moment, being aware of what one’s hands are doing, what one’s brain is thinking, and what level of discernment enriches all of that activity. Or should I say… what level of discernment is of service to that activity?

    Something is dawning within me, nowadays, that says “You can’t create your future, without being entirely present in the NOW moment, and that I can’t move into a future reality, self-made, until I am for the full 100 % in the NOW moment, seeing my motives and drives, welcoming truth as a friend.
    When I know my habitual ways of moving through my days, and see my need to control by entertaining those ways, in order to remain familiar with, and accepted by those in the external world I’m placing myself in the position of someone who now has a choice: doing more of the same, doing something different, or stopping what I’m doing entirely. For example, breaking the spell of repetitive behaviour, fuelled by reactions in nervous system, thinking patterns and hormonal responses.

    Stepping out of my role as creature of habits, I clearly need to be in the present moment and see how that manifests itself, before I’ll be able to change that role, isn’t it? What many messengers and teachers present on stage, to large audiences, nowadays, is an invitation to start with new behaviour, by changing the way one behaves and does, or not does.

    As long as the source of old behaviour isn’t found, and therefore understood and let go of, the making of a design to change one’s behaviour happens in the logical brain, as a mental approach to a “problem”, to that what’s judged as “not good”.

    I expect that as soon as that change of behaviour becomes familiar, the experience of all that moves full circle, returning to the point of departure, the moment one starts with a new form of behaviour, confronted with the factual proof that the new form of behaviour was in essence a continuation of an entitlement, expecting results without being the changer from within.

    One can’t move to a new place without having dealt with all that made up the old place, is it? We choose a genuine new place based on how we observe and understand the old place. Learning by comparing, joyful with an evolutionary path to walk on.

    The external world doesn’t teach self-reflection and observation of oneself in the present moment. It tends to keep many of us in slavery, running in the thread-mill of repetitive behaviour, when we don’t pay attention, observing the observer within. And yet, that frozen state in humanity is thawing fast, as I perceive it. We are the changers and the changed, both at the same time. 🧙♀️🌞🧙♂️💙

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  5. I do see yes, thank you for such a rich and full response. I understand what you mean about being utterly in the moment and this as the only way forward to face a more positive future. I believe we have come to a juncture in the course of our history of where the planet is headed and it is vital that we chose the path of presence at this time, in order to wisely tread into the future

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