A Threshold of Pain

They say it is always darkest before the dawn, and this is without a doubt, applicable to life, death and the search for truth.

In our deepest darkest moments there is a tension that exists. It manifests in the form of energy, which creates a dis-ease. While, were we to go beyond this point – it would lead us to liberation. There is the point of transcendence – a threshold beyond which pain will subside. It is only by letting go of past traumas, we can hope to free ourselves from this pain, we experience through remembering of the past. But in order to let go we must first meet our trauma head on.

It is inevitable – most of us experience unpleasant emotions at some time. But if instead of running away from these experiences; we recognise them for what they are, and embrace them as an opportunities to learn and change, then we will overcome these negative emotions.

This threshold can be happen at any time. I believe we arrive at these points on numerous occasions, throughout our lives. Then perhaps we retreat – scared of the threat of the pain continuing. And so, because we do not know or because we do not have the guts – to press on, the opportunity is lost. It comes down to holding on to awareness and having intent – to press ahead.

To push on regardless takes guts – and to take hold of the opportunity requires a certain knowledge. Do you have the energy required for the shift? It comes down to this. Like a catch 22 if you will – if you do not have the essential energy to shift your assemblage point – you will remain where you are. The experience will eventually disapate but your assemblage point will return to the customary position – And you will forget – all things pass away! But you will not learn. But if you take the leap; the energy needed to shift youself into this new reality, with a fresh perspective is waiting beyond the door…. However, the only way we can muster the energy needed, to go through this door is by recapitulation of our past tramas – if these are dealt with then we have the ability to let go……

The chicken and the egg – is it our minds, or our will or our spirit, which forces us through these thresholds of pain, or is it the energy we possess which enables us to have the impetus to go through the assemblage shift and dictates our abilities….

2 thoughts on “A Threshold of Pain

  1. Yes, well said. Using trauma, pain or suffering as a spring board to leap into a separate reality (a shift) is an impeccable act.

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  2. Thank you, Toltec Warrior. Very well said and creating that moving image of a dark sea is well chosen. Darkest hour before dawn, imagine floating in a small boat at night, and watch the light of dawn revealing the horizon with a sense of relief, of orientation.
    I believe it’s probably also in great timing, regarding present conditions worldwide, where many of us are (almost) forced to contemplate our existence, while being confronted with the fragility of life, losing loved ones, falling ill ourselves, or losing one’s business, one’s income, one’s home.
    While looking at the larger picture of where humanity finds itself, right now, and it’s my view, of course, many of us are pushed with our nose on the truth of pain and wellbeing. The contrast between life and death is sharp it seems. At the same time, with that dual presence, I’m personally experiencing that to move in surrender to wellbeing manifests almost without a lapse of time. If that’s a quality ready to be found for all of us, it seems to be true that the remedy accompanies the dis-ease. Just like a Greek philosopher said, “Next to a poisonous plant grows the remedial herb”.
    This phenomenon, of “no time” is talked about by those who know the conditions of the 4th and 5th dimensions. They explain how the thought, or idea, that we hold in those frequencies is manifested instantly, just like how we experience dreams. Moving from one scene to another in a flash, while our astral body dwells in the 4th dimension during our sleep.
    Manifestation without a lapse of time such as in the 3rd dimension, where physical form is dense and determines our belief and expectation. Aren’t we programmed to expect to see the world around us according to our paradigm? Your post reminds me of the assemblage point, explained by Don Juan to Carlos Castaneda, and how it makes perfect sense to me since I’ve studied at the School for Intuitive Development and Creativity, in Utrecht, the city where I live in the Netherlands.
    The curriculum of this school is based on the work of Lee Bostwick, who founded his School in Berkeley CA. He doesn’t mention the term “assemblage point”, but he’s familiar with shifting energy, and the centre of the head is taken as the neutral point of perception. In essence, this way of developing one’s intuition is a way to know oneself and train one’s intuitive skills by exercises in this school, which is in essence about gaining awareness of one’s motives, and energy-system, the chakras, the blockages, the state of being in flow, in motion, and by experiencing energy – healing and – reading, as part of the teaching path, followed by learning the practice of it oneself.
    You may understand that this happened by experiential learning, not by methods applied by the mental abilities, as in a sort of…. mechanical approach. It’s transformational and based on free will. No tinkering on a person’s condition without permission of the higher self.
    To me, that’s the condition that made me choose this school. I recognized in Castaneda’s books, his experiences with Don Juan as a teacher who was infinitely patient with Carlos, trying different ways to help Carlos realize his spiritual growth. No blind following of “the master’s voice”.
    No pushing, no forcing, although great humour was applied, using elements of surprise, jolts to the fixed paradigm of some students for the better. It’s why I enjoy reading these books again every other 10 years or so.
    Some of us know all of this by birth, without the need to “learn” to use these skills. Some of us know all this without knowing that we’ve got these skills. Some of us work in silence, isn’t it?
    Coming back to the subject of acknowledging and healing trauma, I agree fully with what you’re saying that letting go of past traumas leads us to the present moment in freedom of expression. That’s also part of this intuitive training, for it’s inevitable to NOT stumble on past trauma, even from past lives, when taking part in these classes.
    There are many paths to these realizations in different cultures, and civilizations. For those of you welcoming intuitive development, healing/reading, knowledge of Lee Bostwick’s work, there’s a helpful book “The Psychic Healing Book” by Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin, available online as a free download. In a practical and pragmatic way, these writers describe what they’ve learned from their teacher, Lee Bostwick. This book is written in the years when New Age terminology wasn’t yet introduced to us. Thank life 😉 Blessed be.

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