My Dream of Quetzalcoatl

Recently I was in a dream state. My dream had quite ordinary beginnings but escalated to something quite elaborate…It started in the normal way, but I believe I must have found my hands as the dreaming became more vivid and I was able after a while to move from one dreaming location to another quite happily.

The dream was in Technicolor as I remember – everything was enormously bright coloured and seemed very textured. It gave me a real sense of well-being and peace and the further I got into the dream the more this increased. It was like the scenario from a film with different scenes and a plot that I had to navigate through.


Anyhow so finally I got to this point in this dream where I was in the lounge of a huge Ocean liner, have you ever seen the Poseidon Adventure? The speed at which I was popping round to these different locations increased to the point where it all collapsed. Suddenly I was recalled from this magnificent dream that was building in intensity and I found myself and the TV


I was watching in this ship’s lounge transported to an entirely different location from the rest of the dream. And much like waking in brilliant sunlight I was standing in on a river bank. I remember reeds and the TV from the ship floating off down river and sinking. My attention was reluctantly taken away from the TV as I was given the instruction to turn round at which point I did. As I turned I saw a village by the river a little up-stream, natives were sat around by huts on the river bank. Immediately I was in the water and running through the shallows up the river – a friend of mine I told this to suggested samurai style – which is quite descriptive.

I reached the village, I could now see the villagers clearly and I found myself compelled to run faster towards where they were. Suddenly out of one of the huts rushed a man. He had red skin and turned his head slightly to the left as he came rushing out of the hut so that I could see the shape of his head, which was unusual. He was definitely an Indian and wore a brilliantly coloured head-dress and was obviously the chief. I almost recognized him then – he ran towards me in a most unusual manner – like walking at an optimum speed. He was dressed in red robes and when I got close and saw all this, I found myself crying out “LORD” “LORD” at this point again I heard the voice of the dreaming emissary telling me to “go on”….At which I fell to my stomach and sort of crawled/slid across the ground to his feet. I saw his feet which were sandal-ed; unusual as with odd socks. I was at his feet and kissed his sandal-ed foot which he held out to me. At that moment I saw the villagers faces who in a rather nonchalant manner observed the whole scene.


Immediately I was transported back into the same dream I was dreaming before – I was now in the toilets of the cruise liner taking a piss in the aluminium urinal. As soon as I pissed I woke up to find myself pissing the bed… However I did not care because I said out loud to myself “You know who that was?” And with these words I realized just who it was: I had seen QUETZALCOATL in my dream…Its kind of a private joke but the other thing I said to myself was “you have seen God now!!”

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