The Eagle and the Wheel of Time

The ancient Toltec seers of Mexico concerned themselves with irreducible fact derived by seeing the energetic flow that permeates the universe. This configuration of energy they referred to as the Eagle – the defining source of creation. Time they categorized as something like a thought, thought by something unimaginably large, while space they viewed as the abstract realm of activity… Perceiving the abstract as they did they also arrived at a third concept of cognitive thought they referred to as the Wheel of Time. These concepts were a means of categorizing and defining the vast unimaginable reality of everything that exists. The dark seas of awareness….

One thought on “The Eagle and the Wheel of Time

  1. Many do not see the Eagle. in that we are all of us connected via our consciousness, All Vibration. We are seeing more and more the affects of our Thinking upon this planet, as we sway to either positive or negative energy.. The Universe isn’t aware One Frequency is any lesser than the other.. for within the make-up of the vibrations Both are equal in merit.. for both are needed.. its how we use and portray the Bad/ Negative energy..its about how we see ourselves..
    Many years ago in Meditation I was told the Wheel is almost Full. it took me a while to understand that message.. Everything is within its cycle.. And we are coming full circle yet again …

    a friend used recently the phrase of Dancing with the flow.. we are all dancers, we just need to atune and find our balance within the rhythm of our frequency..

    Nice Video share..
    Thank you


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