The function of a nagual is that if you approach them wrongly, with poor intent they will cause you more detriment than you thought possible…it’s the same with witchcraft….in which there is a saying of true witches…either “KILL OR CURE….” Heal or harm… the choice is yours; there is no middle ground, in this instance…..

Like when Carlos, is directed to visit one of Don Juan’s party and he meets, Sacateca, who is a shaman-like Don Juan, who’s predilection is ‘dancing’ just as Don Juan’s predilection was ‘seeing’…. Each path, is a way to ‘knowing’ Don Juan explains to Castaneda……

“After a moment he dropped his hand to his side and remained motionless, taking a strange position. He was standing, resting on the ball of his left foot. His right foot was crossed behind the heel of the left foot and he was tapping the floor rhythmically and gently with the tip of his right foot. I felt an unwarranted apprehension, a form of restlessness. My thoughts seemed to be dissociated. I was thinking unrelated nonsensical thoughts that had nothing to do with what was going on. I noticed my discomfort and tried to steer my thoughts back to the situation at hand, but I couldn’t in spite of a great struggle. It was as if some force was keeping me from concentrating or thinking relevant thoughts. Sacateca had not said a word, and I didn’t know what else to say or do. Quite automatically, I turned around and left. Later on I felt compelled to tell don Juan about my encounter with Sacateca. Don Juan roared with laughter.”

Chapter “Will” 61 A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda

The nature of reality is that everything is a reflection, everything is reflected in everything else. Like the light being received in the back of our retina, it is reflected light captured, as it pours into the eye, we see an image upside down and the mind interprets the signal and turns the image the correct way up in the back of our minds…..

The function of nagualism is a “Will to Power”, whatever leads to power will ultimately lead to knowing. Through the lived experience of the warrior the predilection takes them to a transcendent place beyond the capacities of the average human. Thus, the warrior stalks power in order to ‘know’.

A Nagual warrior is someone specifically with a double portion of energy and this is gained primarily by surviving the path of knowledge. So the warrior Nagual; is someone who deals with power on a daily basis. Power in itself is neither good nor bad, energy just is. Just like if you pour water into a dirty cup, it depends on the cleanliness of the vessel as to whether the liquid will be cloudy or clear, the quality of the energy depends on the Will of the warrior who is manipulating the energy. This energy is a force and it has vagaries, it is unsuspecting by way of its very nature. These Forces that the hunter of power is stalking, are also dangerous in the extreme…..

So the Nagual is someone who has gone beyond form, they are merely a reflection of our own minds; our own selves. The Nagual has dealt with the reflective process, accepting human form and thereby transcending it. And what we see is ourselves – in their spotless polished and impeccable Mirror – a projection of our own self-reflection, self-importance, and self-pity.

7 thoughts on ““Reciprocity“

  1. Lovely Dave, great to have your comment. Yes I meant it as a matter of fact… It is indeed the concern of the person approaching the sorcerer, and not really any of the sorcerer’s business. Like you pointed out, it’s rather like Judo 🥋 all the dialogue and interactions between nagual and anyone else, is the nagual, using their own energy against them, even in respect of ‘healing’….. Obviously too the sorcerer is tapping into other energies and elements but like all of Castanedas exchanges with Don Juan, it was Castaneda that needed fixing not Don Juan, per se……


  2. Hello Toltec Warrior. Thank you for your work and your presence, it seems helpful.

    To comment: my path has taught me not to concern myself with whether I heal or harm another. Rather, simply be, follow the path and accept that sometimes that results in some of ‘my’ energy becoming available beyond myself. Whether that energy, my presence and actions, result in harm, food or healing for another is then a matter for them, not me; and that is dictated mostly by their own energy and their perceptual agility. I myself have been harmed, fed and/or healed by others as they acted with integrity on their own paths, and it has then been up to me to turn the energy they made available to my own ends.

    I think this thought is already present in what you wrote: “Power in itself is neither good nor bad, energy just is.” I simply comment to agree, and to underline that one must take responsibility for oneself, and be responsible to oneself, for what one does with another’s available energy.

    Best regards

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  3. Good post. Looking forward to more posts on the path to power. Would also be interested in herbalism and or any other Toltec linked posts

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