The Elders

When i was a child, i had a vision that was to never leave me. I lived in rather an ordinary town, which sat on a hill. Beyond the elevation on which the town was situated, the rest of the landscape was completely flat – ‘as far as the eye can see’, so the horizon was clearly visible to the west – which is where i used to gaze. The skies were something else when i was a child – the huge expanse of sky which presented itself from the bottom of my garden, in the suburb of the town in which i lived, was always a thing of utter amazement to me – and gave me hours of occupation.

So it was my common practice to watch the sun go down – to watch the clouds as they blew across this great expanse of sky, contemplating this great beyond. On one occasion while i was watching the sky, thunderous clouds seemed to roll in on the horizon, dark foreboding clouds; which threatened rain. Well in the clouds, what seemed to be faces were beginning to form, and it was evident to me that something was coming – then across the sky i saw the all faces of the “Grandfathers”. They looked like Indian chiefs resplendent with Indian feathered headdress. They were arranged across the sky in a 180° view; from one side of the landscape to the other. They were there; in what seemed like a timeless manner – their living, unaffected by time and that somehow, time was not relevant for them. The moment past and the faces in the clouds dispersed.

At this time i was given a secret name of the creator this was revealed to me when i had a chance to recapitulate the vision properly – and i believe i was chosen by the spirit – for a purpose, and I believe that purpose was to heal. But what is the point of me telling you all this. Well, the spirit choses early in the life of the individual, perhaps this choosing is done before we even enter the world, our purpose given for us to fulfil or not as the case may be. But there is a point early in the life of the person that the spirit makes itself known.

These omens should be heeded. But if they are not, my experience, it is that you will keep getting the same message repeatedly, until you receive the message and the lesson is learnt. If this carries on unheeded, also my experience is, that the warnings will peter out and the person will carry on to living something of an ordinary life. But it is never too late. Because these Omens are landmarks in our journey through life – signposts if you like. Also, affirmations that we are on a Right Path – a path with heart.

“To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.”

~ Don Juan Matus

6 thoughts on “The Elders

  1. That’s a beautiful post, thank you! Your youthful years offered you these wide skies, and a horizon far. You’ve given this post the title “The Elders” I wonder, and I’m very interested, what this vision of the Elders has shown you or how you’ve perceived this, then and later, until this day. Insights and understandings can be an unfolding process through life, as if we’re sinking deeper in new layers that were first hidden in the dark of the DEEP, of our unconsciousness.
    I imagine that this vision was a powerful experience for you, or maybe you were too young to “know”?
    For myself, the existence and presence of the Native Indians is meaningful, I feel a deep connection with their past. In the 80’s, when I visited a friend who had changed her home into a proper museum with objects of her own childhood, with great taste and refinement, she told me during our drinking coffee from old cups, and cookies on old saucers, flowery, with the sunlight through crocheted white curtains, that a friend of her was going to work in camps of Canadian Native Indians.
    Through some social or medical charity project if I remember correctly. I immediately thought about joining that woman and travel to Canada, and shared my thought with her. She told me that this would be possible, since more people were welcome in that place. I was excited and went home holding on to that thought. In my bookcase I had a book with pictures of Indian chiefs in sepia colour, and feathers were in my rooms. The suede costumes with those fringes, with colourful beads included at times, and moccassins, to this day the most favourite shoes to wear, in my opinion. I’ve tried to make them, yes!
    A week later, I visited my homoeopath, an experienced GP of around 70 years old, and I told him about my idea to travel to Canada, and join the Native Americans in a camp. He looked at me, was silent for a while, and said “You won’t find what you hope to find over there. You long to awake the Native Indian in yourself”. That was the wisest answer I could’ve received I believe. The living conditions of Native Indians aren’t a bed of roses, and drinking in these camps is an issue as well. My longing was more connected to a once upon time in the past, too much filled with false expectations. I believe I’m awakening the Native Indian in myself to this day, with a lively connection with nature.
    At times, I choose a YouTube video with speeches of Native Indian chiefs, wise men, and the speech from Chief Seattle for Governor Stevens, in 1845, is very touching. It’s not the same as the popular made letter to the American president. Here is the speech I’ve copied and saved today.
    Your connection or purpose in life may have a different colour and destiny, Toltec warrior, but I love the quote by Juan Matus, ending with the words “We make ourselves into one or the other”, May I hope for a next post as a 2nd part? I perceive this post as a cliff hanger 😉🙋‍♀️


  2. There is no conclusion to the story Devon, I have attempted to live according to a simple principle, that being, to respect the creator and creation as equally as possible.
    I have tried to live as closely as I could to the spirit of this vision, within and yet without the western system. As far as is possible, I have lead my life according to the rule. Adhering to the warrior’s path is a serious business and must be not taken lightly. Although detachment, lightness, fluidity, and sobriety are the guiding factors.
    I have always believed it is important to remember these moments, to store them in someway – as moments that have been turning points in one’s life. Being chosen by the spirit is no small thing, having been selected you better believe your going to be called. As Don Juan said the only available energy that there is in order to accomplish stopping the world and seeing; is from the inorganic beings.
    To quote Shakespeare: ‘some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them’, it is much Like this for the shaman. There are different ways one can be called but within the calling is an opportunity like no other, the square cubic centimeter of chance, as Don Juan called it, and that is to grab this opportunity and to seize the moment within yourself in order to ultimately burn with the fire from within and dart past the Eagle…..


  3. Thank you for a beautiful response. That path is not chosen lightly, true. At this time in my life, with an experience that perception is changing to a deeper, or should I say “fuller”? level, the image showing up is of a circle where I am the centre, observing 360 degrees at one time, as if I am present on the circle itself with my awareness also.
    As if my linear logical mind merges with an omnipresence of an intuitive quality, that cannot be pointed at, no locality.

    It’s hard to choose words for it, but lately I ponder the Greek words “Panta Rhei” much. “Everything flows”. There is an old remnant of rigidity combined with control, that makes itself known now, with memories of childhood years, a pattern of how I moved through them, obeying my mother’s order “Just do what others tell you to do, and all will be fine”.

    With a mind of my own, asking many questions, and telling people what I observed in their energy, I was at risk of receiving angry responses. She meant to keep me safe of course.

    I remember my answer to my mother, when she told me to not say such things “But why not? It’s the truth!”

    How to be true to oneself, and learn the Earthly circus acts of diplomacy, and try to not lie. I am not exactly a soft and pampering healer. In the Neterlands we say “Pampering doctors make stinking wounds”. And sentimentality makes me grow a beard, ha!

    Alas, Panta Rhei will be the name of my home soon, it’s in the making by a woman who has worked with texts created in stone all her life, who offered me to work on it right before her retirement. It will be made of British slate, with my design.
    Right now, my two kittens Thorin and Frodo are running through my home. Playfight must be part of their lives at 11 weeks. I’m going to watch the show! They arrived last Saturday, and I ‘m very happy to live with pets again, after a break of 10 years 🐈🐈🙂
    Thank you for your posts, they are appreciated.
    Blessed be, Devon.


  4. That’s a beautiful response, thank you! You’re true to yourself while keeping the flow of life experiences going in trust and with confidence, as I perceive it. I like that. I lost the text of a former comment, yesterday when I had to log in first, before posting. Here’s a new attempt:

    Lately, I’ve pondered the expression “Panta Rhei” which means “Everything flows” A Greek expression from one of the philosophers of Ancient Greece. How I would’ve loved to joint the dialogues in the Greek Forum at that time! That expression will be the name of my home soon, when it’s made in English slate by a woman in my neighbourhood, who has worked with texts in stone all her life.
    It’ll be small and light enough for my travel luggage when I’ll jump overseas and spend part of the year on Britain’s Southern Coast. Travelling overseas… pantha rhei, so appropriate, isn’t it?

    It’s also a meaningful couple of words to me in the sense that transformation, to me, seems to happen in a half-unconscious, or entirely unconscious manner often, where the ability to keep myself in the live stream (not online) in motion, helps me to observe by experience and awareness of change, that often dawns on me by surprise.

    I’m pleased to begin to discern the difference between being in sync with holding myself in integrity, and trust, as the bottom line and attitude, my presence as being sufficient, on the path I’m choosing. For many years I’ve felt that I had to WORK, make efforts, DO and PROVE, that I did the right thing.
    My upbringing as the oldest daughter of a Calvinistic minister in the Netherlands, a church institute that was ruled by Calvin’s Phanatic views, quick with judgement, in the name of God, left a program that teaches this approach of hard work, bearing the cross that God gave you for a reason so that complaining and sharing vulnerability was pushed to the side. Although I could see through this charade, as a child, the imprint was strong.

    Until my 59th year I kept the facade of strength, feeling myself in a higher place than my younger 8 siblings, alienating myself in that attitude. After a life-changing event, a trigger causing despair, losing the floor under my life, I found that being vulnerable isn’t the same as being powerless. A harness melted away slowly, by my dancing on African beats, mixed with tears, fury, and sweat.

    To me, that experience, which made me feel like a sword brandished on the anvil of a blacksmith, was one of the most liberating experiences, of moving from resistance to surrender, and see the world with changed eyes. Excalibur bears deep meaning for me since I’ve awakened to a connection with ancient Albion, the time of King Arthur, and the Druid presence on that ancient rock in the sea. Ireland also.


  5. Hello Nate – i presume you are asking about the giants that appeared during my yopo vision during the session in the desert. Well the main significance of their presence was a means of protection, i believe. The words ‘nothing here is going to harm you’ reverberated around my head throughout the whole experience and this was the voice of seeing; speaking. Considering one of the things that i had asked the yopo for was protection – that’s exactly what i got !


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